People in glass houses shoudln't throw stones

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By The Staff

I have known Penny Granich and her family since 1999.  She worked for me at the Blue Window Bistro as my manager.  She is a great worker.  I got to know her family also at that time.  I have watched as she has struggled to keep afloat after the horrific accident of Dec. 4, 2005.  I was saddened by Tom’s death.  I sat through the trial and was thrilled when her not-guilty verdict was read.  We thought it was finally over.

I was revolted by the article printed by the Monitor after her grueling trial. How is it possible to print such hearsay, gossip and conjecture after she was finally on the other side of the judicial process.  I’m disgusted by the yellow journalism of the Los Alamos Monitor.  Penny is being persecuted by the speculation of the Los Alamos Police Department with the help of the Monitor.

  I think it is time to help her get on with her life and that of her children ... Stop throwing stones from glass houses.


Holly Harmston

Los Alamos