PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES:Enjoy the music of the holiday season

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By Kirsten Laskey

My first memories of holiday tunes were the ones that my family would sing as the days approached Dec. 25. The four of us would be in the car and we would all belt out some song, or after the Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house, we would begin caroling around the table.

As I grew older, when December would roll around, my family would turn to the professionals. A Peter, Paul and Mary tape would constantly play in the car and my mother would often put Emmylou Harris’ holiday CD or the Kingston Trio’s Christmas CD on her CD player in the house.

It always seemed so special to hear this music, because it was the only time of year these songs were heard. I always looked forward to when the holiday albums were pulled out; they meant it was truly the start of the holidays.

Now the corporate world seems to be spoiling it. In fact, the blaring of holiday music right after Halloween does not seem to provoke excitement, just a headache.

Even worse, when Dec. 1 rolls around, playing holiday songs just seems to be a bore.

Luckily, in Los Alamos the spirit of the season is not overdone.

As a result of keeping the music timely, the holiday music in Los Alamos is not sounding flat. There are so many opportunities to hear good music, with concerts by Coro de Cámara, South by Southwest, the Los Alamos Symphony Orchestra and the Los Alamos Community Winds.

For these groups, the benefit of offering holiday music is not to ring up sales, but to celebrate the beauty of the holiday music and to share these musical pieces with everyone.

And this seems right in sync with the spirit of the holidays.