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By Kirsten Laskey

Its walls were built to educate young people.

The knobby wood beams were erected to pass on lessons from one generation to another; lessons in several areas of life – the outdoors, discipline and academics.

The Ranch School shucked away all comfortable securities and instilled students with knowledge to prepare them for the next stages of their lives.

Almost a century later, the passing of knowledge from one generation to another still continues, although it is being transferred through a different method. This method is not outdoor activities or textbooks but the swells of old-timey music, the graceful waves of a singer’s voice and the moves being made on the hardwood floor.

From my position on the edge of the dance floor during the “Night to Remember,” a fundraiser for a Memory Walk team, I realized you can learn a lot by shucking off the comfortable security of sitting on the sidelines of the room and walking onto the dance floor.

Among the crowd of sliding and shuffling feet, always moving and gliding along with the music, there are lessons to be learned.

Older couples swing danced, their moves formed through experience; there is not any need for them to look down at their feet because they already know what to do.

Teenagers attempt to model the older generations’ footsteps; follow their moves and gain the knowledge the adults have already learned.

While the teenagers follow in the older generation’s footsteps, children step in no one’s tracks; they make their own moves as if testing out what lessons life can offer them.

Time has passed and Fuller Lodge no longer holds classes, but some things remain unchanged.

The building’s mission to educate is still preserved; opportunities to learn still resonates in its walls.