PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES: The art of photography

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By Kirsten Laskey

It’s the photography enthusiasts’ time to shine. The Los Alamos Photography Club will host an upcoming photography show and the Los Alamos Historical Society will offer shutterbugs a chance to have their work printed on holiday greeting cards, the electric click of shutters and the bright lights of flashes are sure to be seen and heard throughout town.

I remember years ago walking through a photography exhibit and reading a quote by a photographer who said that the art in photography isn’t how you take a photo but where you are standing.

Just from the photographs we receive at the Los Alamos Monitor, there seems to be an endless amount of locations to go to and snap one quality picture after another in Los Alamos.

It is not just the main attractions such as Fuller Lodge frosted with snow or the ancient caves that dot the landscape at Bandelier National Monument that make great works of art, it is also the sites that are less visted.

These places include a side of a house that has jagged, transparent icicles hanging from its gutters, a sandy stream bed with a solitary, golden aspen leaf lying on its surface or the patio area of Baskin Robbins that is both highlighted in sunlight and hidden in shadows.

What is really remarkable, at least for me, is that had it not been for these photographers standing where they were, these locations and their unique beauty would never have caught my attention.

It’s not often that I, and I think many others, will stop to admire the artistic quality of an ice cream parlor’s sitting area or study the bottom of a streambed. We are usually too busy forging ahead to get through the day to notice what beauty our surroundings offer us.

How funny that by looking through a tiny viewfinder on a camera, our vision of the world and all its photogenic features is widened to an incredible size.

Plus, with the numerous local entities offering shows and contests, the time is right to pull out the camera and start walking around.