Pen&Ink Possibilities:Giving their support

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By Kirsten Laskey

At first, there were not enough people in the theater to even qualify as a handful. A couple had the front section to themselves, while the upper half was completely vacant. The scarce attendance did not seem like a good sign, and the reason appeared mysterious because other Los Alamos Little Theater’s (LALT) productions usually attract a full house.

More seats filled as the ceiling lights flashed, signaling the start of “8 x 10 Again,” the local theater company’s newest production, but it was still not filled. What was going on? Was there football game or a major election debate on television? Why aren’t people supporting the local arts?

But when the lights blinked off for good and the actors took the stage, it became clearer public support for the arts had in fact filled the room.

The performers and their work were showered not just with applause but also with the audience’s admiration for what LALT had created.

With enthusiasm and gusto, everyone booed and hissed at the villain while cheering for the hero and the heroine in “Melodrama: A Short Stretch in Aspen or The Lay of the Land.”

The audience roared with laughter as John (Corey Steven New) became increasingly uncomfortable on a Ferris wheel in the play “Ferris Wheel” and voiced its sympathy for Bradley (Larry Gibbons), a rejected lover in “Fight Dreams.”

It appears the number of people is not representative of the audience’s quality.

The audience may have been small but it did not diminish the viewers’ love for the LALT’s work; the public’s love appeared unconditional and the attendees’ eagerness to accept what appeared on stage just encouraged you to join in its embrace.

At the show’s conclusion, it was evident not much is needed to create a big impact.

A great play can be offered in just 10 minutes, and just a few people can generate a large amount of appreciation.