Pedicini wins at the Pace Race

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By The Staff

Georgia Pedicini was the top predictor in last week’s Atomic City Roadrunners’ Pace Race.
Last week’s Pace Race was held in Pajarito Acres.
In all, 18 people took part.
The next Pace Race is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday starting near the Pajarito Mountain ski lodge.
In last week’s race, runners could choose the number of 1-mile paved loops they wanted to do, provided they could finish in 45 minutes or less. Most contestants opted to do 1 or 3 miles, the standard Pace Race distances.
Pedicini, who actually ran 2 miles, was just 11 seconds off her predicted finish time. Laura McClellan was 13 seconds off her predicted time running 3 miles.
The fastest finishers for each distance included Jackie Marr for 1 mile (13:20, Bob Weeks for 2 miles (27:44), McClellan for 3 miles (23:28), Nikol Strother for 4 miles (30:21), Roxana Candia for 5 miles (41:50) and Ted Romero for 6 miles (42:00).