A pedestrian-friendly downtown

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Take a breather between the 60th Birthday celebration and Chamberfest activities this weekend in downtown Los Alamos with a refreshing stroll down Central Avenue.

Tour Central Avenue and experience the transformation between Mari-Mac Plaza and downtown as result of the Central Avenue Pedestrian Crossings and Streetscape Enhancement Project.

You’ll discover that walking will be fun and easier on generously widened sidewalks with improvements allowing for safe and convenient access. The project is designed to ensure pedestrian safety in compliance with the American Disabilities Act.

Frequent street crossings are designed with “bump-outs” on both sides of the street, allowing greater visibility for both pedestrians and drivers.

Speeds are slower (25 mph), with “bulb-outs” that separate a large number of empty parking spaces, which also allows for safer bicycling on Central Avenue.

Enjoy the beautiful flowers hanging in baskets on new upgraded light poles, and the aesthetic pleasing landscaping and trees which align the avenue.  The colorful banners promoting Los Alamos 60th Anniversary are a plus.

Notice the illumination of the new acorn-style light poles, designed to meet the New Mexico Dark Sky Protection Act. Bases of each light pole include electrical outlets, providing a multitude of uses.

The goal of the recently completed Central Avenue Streetscape is to promote economic redevelopment in downtown Los Alamos as a vibrant pedestrian-friendly shopping place.

Consider the possibilities.

Don Kendall

Los Alamos