Peace is goal for everyone

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 The Board of Directors of the Los Alamos Jewish Center wants to publicly express our support for Israel during the current Middle East crisis. Indiscriminate rocket attacks originating from Gaza have been targeting Israeli civilians for over a year. No country in the world would passively watch as its citizens were sent into bomb shelters day after day. Several of our members have friends and relatives in Israel and all of us feel a special connection to the land and its people, so we understand the reasons that Israel has, as a last resort, put its troops in harm’s way.

At the same time, we recognize the tremendous hardship this military action has placed on the civilian population of Gaza and we wish that they were not placed in such a dangerous situation. We sincerely hope that current cease-fire negotiations quickly produce results that end the rocket attacks on Israeli citizens and open the way for a renewed path to sustained peace and prosperity for all people in the region.          

Los Alamos Jewish Center