Pawlak has it all wrong

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In May 30 Los Alamos Monitor, Mr. John Pawlak made the following statements in his column about the leader of the NRA and about NRA members:
“Enter one of the strangest and most annoying grapes, Wayne LaPierre, spokesperson for those who can’t muster enough hatred and stupidity on their own, and so they hire someone to do it for them.”
“He (Wayne LaPierre) doesn’t have enough of a brain stem to support a headache.”
“The logic used by LaPierre and his ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ followers is mind numbing.”
“So, just how moronic can the NRA get?”
“LaPierre and his card-carrying ditto-heads would say, “The only thing that stops a bad 3-year-old with a gun is a good 1-year-old with a gun!”
“The more I think about it, the more attractive tongue-chewing sounds to me. Maybe we can get LaPierre and his “I have the right to shoot people” gun-nuts to chew theirs?”
I am an NRA member, but I don’t harbor hatred and I am not stupid. I don’t shoot first and ask questions later. I am not a moron. I am not a ditto-head. I don’t have the right to shoot people. I am not a gun nut.
The above quotes by Mr. Pawlak are disturbing when he uses rhetoric to denigrate other people whom he doesn’t even know or whom he doesn’t agree with. I have heard it said that when someone can’t or won’t be involved in a civil debate, they spew hatred and personally attack the other person. Is this true in this case?
Then in June 6 Los Alamos Monitor, Mr. Pawlak again attacks others whom he disagrees with by stating the following:
“We look down on Nigeria and Saudi Arabia for their harsh treatment of homosexuals, where the punishment is death.
“And yet, we have politicians in America who would have us follow Nigeria’s lead. Rick Santorum (intellectual extraordinaire) equates tolerance of homosexuality to polygamy, incest and sex with dogs. Bat guano crazy Michele Bachman (who chews on paint chips as an appetizer) says that liberals are trying to force young children to recite the Pledge of Homosexuality in schools. Rand Paul claims that tolerating homosexuality will lead to people marrying inanimate objects (uh, like his brain). Rick Perry says allowing gays in the military will lead to the abolition of Christmas.”
Then he implies these people are stupid. His article was about a gentleman named Alan Turing. What does this attack of people he doesn’t agree with have to do with Mr. Turing? You could have saved lots of ink by eliminating his hateful and denigrating remarks. Why do you allow such garbage to be printed in your newspaper?
Joel Dahlby
Los Alamos