Passive 'no' vote doesn't cut it

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Unlike Mr. Chandler, I don’t hold Tom Udall’s passive “no” vote on the Appropriations Committee’s pass on the bill containing LANL budget cuts in high regard. If Udall had been actively working and lobbying his fellow committee members on behalf of the lab, there might have been a different story. Both Pete Domenici and Steve Pearce know the value of being aggressive in one’s home committee when it comes to taking care of constituents. A passive “no” vote after the damage is done just doesn’t cut it.

Voters need to be reminded of Udall’s earlier votes in favor of LANL budget cuts that cost the lab and its contractors hundreds of jobs. Also, one has only to look to see the large number of houses on the market and the number of rental signs to see the effect on the business market.

We don’t need a passive senator to replace Domenici in Washington. We need someone willing to work aggressively for New Mexico.

By the by, if Udall is so confident of his stand on the issues, why is he afraid to debate Steve Pearce in open and frequent debate. The citizens would be the big beneficiaries.

Vernon Kerr

Los Alamos