'Parade' coming to Los Alamos Monitor

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The Los Alamos Monitor welcomes Parade, the most widely read magazine in America, to its newspaper beginning Sunday, July 6, the newspaper announced.

Parade has been a staple in American households since 1941, bringing relevant and insightful coverage of popular A-list celebrities, health, food, investigative reporting and inspirational features to 59 million readers each week.  Its popular columns — including Walter Scott’s Personality Parade, Ask Marilyn, and Parade Picks — have become enduring favorites among readers. 

Parade speaks to Americans on issues that entertain and inform them—posing questions, providing choices and offering solutions to empower and enrich their lives.

Parade’s annual franchise issues include the popular What People Earn salary survey, taking a peek into America’s pockets, the All-America High School teams, honoring top high school athletes in the nation, and What America Eats, which points to new trends, tastes, insights and shopping habits, shaping the way we talk about American food culture.

Several newer features include: Around the Table, Parade’s new, weekly food page, delivering new tips and culinary trends that our readers are hungry for, and Kennections, where Jeopardy! champion, Ken Jennings showcases his Kennections trivia game. Kennections features five questions, and the answers to each all have something in common. Figure out the “Kennection” and you’ve solved the puzzle. Readers can always look forward to these features in Parade magazine:

• Ask Marilyn - Marilyn vos Savant, with her record high I.Q., answers readers questions and offers advice on everything from manners to romance.

• Parade Picks - A roundup of recommended books, DVDs, music and more.

• Personality Parade - Q&A column that answers questions about celebrities, entertainment and pop-culture.

• Stay Healthy - Parade’s regular health/wellness column provides simple and effective tips for maintaining good health along with seasonal awareness such as Diabetes month and Heart Health month.

• Views - Highlights lessons learned from the personal perspective of leading writers. To get more of what people love in Parade magazine every day of the week, visit Parade.com for exclusive online content.