A parable of public property

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By Joel M. Williams

    I’m thinking of building a new house. I own this wonderful lot, but, alas, like many, I always think the “grass is greener” across the street. That lot isn’t mine, but I lust for it even though many folks tell me they think it is inferior to the lot I already own. Now, I have control over a few accounts whose owners are ‘dumb as posts.” What if I take a few million dollars out of one of them, buy that lot, deed it to myself, and write the deed to have the account holders’ descendents pay the property tax (lost revenue) for eternity? Now, if I could get away with it in plain sight of everyone, it would be simply “awesome,” don’t you think?

    But, alas, there are laws in place that would take me to task to protect those who are “dumb as posts” from such shenanigans. Are you listening Los Alamos? Are our representatives less accountable with your accounts? Or are you “dumb as a post?”

Joel M Williams

Los Alamos