Pace Race season opens at Canyon Rim Trail

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The 41st Pace Race season officially took off Tuesday at Canyon Rim Trail.
The Pace Race is a weekly event hosted by the Atomic City Roadrunners running club. The club holds races on Tuesdays during the Daylight Savings Time hours.
In its first race of the season, participants had a chance to run a 1-mile course, a 1.5-mile course, a 2-mile course or a 3-mile course.
Usually, 1- and 3-mile courses are set up.
Winners of the weekly races aren’t necessarily those who finish first, but those who finish closest to their predicted finish time.
In the first race, Cecilia Rivenburgh was the top predictor. Rivenburgh was just 6 seconds off her finish time, topping David Kratzer (22 seconds), Jackie Marr (33 seconds) and John Ullmann (43 seconds), among this week’s top predictors.
The fastest finisher on the 1-mile course was Lexi Tepley, who finished in 8:43. Paul Elkins finished the short course in a time of 13:41.
Other top finishers included Linda Vance (13:44) on the 1.5-mile run, Elena Sandoval (16:48) and Reid Rivenburgh (19:42) at 2 miles, and Ted Romero (19:51) and Nikol Strother (20:15) at the 3-mile distance.
The next Pace Race will be Tuesday starting near the junction of N.M. 502 and N.M. on the road going toward the county’s sewage treatment facility. Race time is 6 p.m.
For more information on the Pace Race or the Roadrunners, contact Ted Williams at 672-1639 or visit the club’s website, atomicrunners.com.