Over commitment to code poses a problem

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By The Staff

Friday (June 18) the Monitor underscored the problems of economics going forward we face.

The Hannemann/Holsapple debate will, I suspect go on about how well business development happens here.

But the lead story about our station, KRSN, still having antenna placement problems, shows the difficulties that many here, including myself, see as over commitment to code and under commitment to community needs.

We all got an update on the Trinity site recently with our utility bills: after three years of nothing with Boyer, we now have a new consultant and a new economic leader who will hopefully have an anchor store commitment by the end of next year.

While there are powerful voices in the community concerned with realistic hopes of that matter, I think what really counts is, what do the people of this community think about where we’re going?

Soon, I guess, we’ll see charter review and how much impact community voices play in the outcome.

And come November, we’ll elect a new County Council, all of whose candidates say they want to listen to us better.

The outcomes of those two events will better prognosticate how well we move ahead in the near future.

Robert Nunz

Los Alamos