Outlawing guns is not the answer

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As a society, we simply cannot allow this to go on. We must all get on our elected officials to correct the lack of punishment not hysterically make laws.
The next Sandy Hook isn’t going to be prevented by more gun laws. The same day as Sandy Hook, a man with a knife stabbed 22 children in Chenping Village Primary School in China — the latest knifing of kids in schools across China, Thailand, Cambodia and Japan.
The real tragedy of Sandy Hook is that it happens across the U.S. each and every day and no one cares.
Each day, five kids are murdered and another 1,400 seriously injured, according to the Children’s Advocacy Institute of the University of San Diego School of Law. One thousand kids are kidnapped by acquaintances or strangers. 200 of them are killed.
The majority of the rest are sexually assaulted, according to parents.com/kids/safety/stranger-safety/child-abduction-facts/.
We live in a society where graphic and heinous violence is available to kids and adults on TV, movies through video games and online. Our corrupt U.S. Supreme Court says it’s all just fine. Well, it’s not.
You haven’t seen a rape scene depicted on TV or in the movies since 1975. It always happens off camera. Why? Despite what the psychiatrists paid by the video game industry say, the video medium does have a direct impact on people, especially kids behavior. Congress passed “the Family Viewing Hour” after the rape of a nine-year-old girl by boys, who told police they were copying the rape of Linda Blair in “Born Innocent.”
The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights. On archives.gov/exhibits/charters/bill_of_rights.html, the first three sentences spell out these rights are to protect us from the government, not from each other. The wording is clearly in two parts.
First, acknowledging need of a state controlled civilian army. The second part making clear the individual citizens right to own and carry firearms will not be encroached upon in any way.
Also, the Second and 10th Amendments give the power of any gun laws to the states, not Obama or the Federal Government. The NRA has never challenged in federal court, the states or the feds violating the Second Amendment. Take Massachusetts.
The Massachusetts Gun Control Act of 1998 basically made all gun ownership in Massachusetts illegal. And the NRA did nothing.
If you read the law, people can own guns however, my step-dad is an NRA instructor in Massachusetts and it is near impossible for him to even take a gun to the NRA range — the only ranges allowed.
The local police chief in Massachusetts has final say in whether you can buy a gun or keep the ones you have, his successor can decide differently.
All guns must be registered, not just handguns. You need a permit to transport your gun in your car each time you take it out of your house.
You even need a permit to buy ammunition for it. Yet Massachusetts has as much gun violence as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City or Washington, D.C., despite all having extraordinarily tough gun laws.
Columbine is quoted as why police in schools won’t work, despite police in schools in every major city in this country for the past decade. In the police report, the deputy assigned to the school was in the parking lot eating lunch in his car without his glasses.
Seriously? Not in the school where he could have stopped the killers. I believe the deputy wasn’t even on school grounds. If he was in the parking lot, how did he not hear more than two dozen shots, half from shotguns, fired before the killers entered the school less than 100 yards from him?
The Secret Service published a report in 2002 studying 37 school shootings (secretservice.gov/ntac/ssi_final_report.pdf).
In almost all cases, the killers were bullied and full of anger, had told adults and students their plans and police if informed, did nothing and all the guns were illegally obtained. The Columbine killers were not old enough to own any gun in Colorado, yet got an assault weapon during the first Federal Assault Weapon Ban.
Outlawing any gun will do nothing to stop the killing. We need to look at addressing bullying, reporting, police response and enforcing the laws we already have on guns, restoring the mental health money Reagan took from the states and eliminating violence from our children’s games and movies.
 Greg White
Los Alamos