OURVIEW:Final votes cast for Obama

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By The Staff

The 2008 election is finally over. If you think it was done when the canvass was made official, well you are wrong.

No, the election for president was not over until Brian Colon, Annadelle Sanchez, Tom Buckner, Christy French and Alvin Warren voted. And remember, you did not vote for Obama, you voted for these people.

By now you know that these are the state’s electors, the people who really make New Mexico’s vote for Obama count. That is the way our system works.

We have five votes in New Mexico and when it is time for the presidential election, you vote for a slate of candidates who pledge to vote for the candidate who gets the most votes.

That is our five.

In the last two elections our five votes were much more important than this time. So be it. While this election was close in popular vote, the electoral map was not nearly as close as 2000. And that is a good thing.

Electors gathered in state capitols across the country and pushed Obama above the 270 electoral votes needed to win, according to a tally by The Associated Press. Monday’s voting was a largely ceremonial procedure, but one mandated by the Constitution.

And while more than 131 million voters cast ballots - the most ever in a presidential election - Obama’s election is not complete until Congress tallies the outcome of Monday’s Electoral College vote at a joint session scheduled for Jan. 6.

Two copies of the “official” ballots will go to Vice President Dick Cheney for documentation in the U.S. Senate, three will be sent to the National Archives, one to Chief U.S. District Judge Martha Vazquez and two to the secretary of state.

And then, the 2008 election will be over.