Our View: What we believe in

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By The Staff

Saturday was Flag Day, the day we pay an official tribute to the American flag, the ideals it stands for and the sacrifices made to preserve them.

While we should honor the flag every day, an extra day is a good time to remember the symbol that stands for what we believe in: freedom.

President Woodrow Wilson recognized during his first Flag Day address in 1915 that the freedoms the U.S. flag stands for were not and never would be free.

And American blood has been spilled time and time again to preserve our liberties.

In this year’s Flag Day Proclamation, President Bush calls on the nation to remember the troops who carry Old Glory before them “as they defend the liberties for which it stands.”

As should always be proud of our special heritage, of our freedom and of our nation.

Remember this – and that freedom is not free – each and every time you see our flag proudly flying.