Our View: We don't understand

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By The Staff

There is no argument that the council can do what it wants – what it thinks is right. But we think that it should at least be forthright in that process.

We believe that the council failed to be so in its announcement that it would put the issue of the skate park on its agenda on Aug. 19. We – along with almost everyone else – thought that this meant an honest reconsideration of the project.

Apparently we were all wrong as the county is going ahead with work on the site. Now, they say this is no big deal, that little money will be spent. But it gives the huge impression of in-your-face and outright dishonesty.

And once your feet are in the water, it is far easier to go all in.

We simply fail to understand why the council cannot see the divide this has created in the community – or if they do see, why they don’t seem to care. We just don’t get it as each and every member of the council is an outstanding person. Where is this disconnect coming from?

Mike Wismer was right when he said that being against the library site is not being against the skate park. But like many people, we feel that the process was not followed correctly.

This has led to some severe ill will. People can accept something they are against if they feel they have been listened to and treated fairly. Sadly, far too many people do not think that happened here.

We hope this new process will work for us all.

We can only pray that the county goes down the right road on the Municipal Building site. And so far, it has seemed like they are.

They have met with community leaders, have hosted public forums and have more planned. They even discussed at their recent meeting holding an extra session to gather public input.

This is all good and will helpfully make the decision as to where to place the facility the right one.

Now, we come to that question.

We do not have an issue per say with the Trinity and 15th site. In fact, some of the case for this location makes a lot of sense.

There will be private development along with the county’s, it will take a rather blighted area and make it nice for all of us and it will increase the value of the land thusly increasing its tax-base and the businesses located there will provide jobs and pay taxes.

This is all good. But the county must make it very clear what the differing costs are and how much more it will cost to build at the 15th Street site.

And it will cost more.

There is the:

• Cost of constructing the Municipal Building

• Cost of constructing a parking garage

• Cost of land acquisition

At the Ashley Pond site there is only the cost of constructing the Municipal Building.

People will be able to decide which is the better deal if they are presented with all the facts in a clear and concise way. It seems that the county is on that road here and we applaud them for that effort.

This is an important decision that we must all be involved with – and try to agree on.