Our View: Time to invest in our future

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By The Staff

The school board approved a measure that asks residents to back a bond resolution to help repair and rebuild our schools.

This is a measure – and effort – that we should support.

Our schools are old and in need of repair – and in some cases outright replacement. The board recognizes this fact and its members are taking the right steps to move us forward.

Yes, this will be a tax increase; there is no way of getting around that. And yes, these are difficult times in Los Alamos right now.

But we must remember that we have one of the best school systems in the nation and we simply cannot let it disintegrate due to factors that will eventually level out.

The board is asking us to approve an increase of $5.50 per $1,000 of assessed value. This is a small enough price to pay to keep our schools on top.

Everyone here always refers to our schools as the community’s crown jewel. Well, the jewel needs some repair and polishing.

Aspen School is old and in need of help. And if you have not walked around the high school on a warm day, go do so.

You will quickly see the needs.

The school board is trying to be responsible here. They have set out a 20-Year Facilities Renewal Plan that seeks to reasonably deal with the issues facing us.

We should support that effort.

So when you receive your mail-in ballot in January that asks you to help ensure the longevity and safety of our schools, we urge to take the time to vote and vote yes.

As school board president Steve Girrens said, if residents were to take a tour of the school facilities they would see the work that needs to be done.

Let’s do our part and support this measure.