Our View: Protect our schools

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By The Staff

It is hard to understand just how much Los Alamos is disliked in the state. But it seems to almost border on insanity.

And example of this is the bill now going through the Legislature that would rewrite the state education funding formula. But consider that one of three school district that would be negatively affected is – you guessed it, Los Alamos.The state has always had burr under its saddle over the $8 million we get from the feds and have sought to get a share.We guess this is the newest tack.There is a fundamental problem in government. When something is failing, their solution is to throw money at the issue and hope that somehow, someway, things get better.But worse, when things are working and going well, their attitude is to take money away, saying well, they don’t need to be that good.It is a crime and a shame. It will be a tragedy if this bill passes.Shame on Rep. Mimi Stewart, D-Bernalillo, and those who support this travesty of a bill.