Our View: Power grid needs work now

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By The Staff

It was good to see that the county utilities department understands that our electric grid needs work. We only hope that things move along quickly.

As anyone who has lived here for any length of time knows, the power goes off way too often. And it is more than just an inconvenience.

At a public meeting this week at Fuller Lodge, John Arrowsmith, the new utilities director, and Steve Cummins, the deputy utilities manager, told the audience that over the next four years, the county will be fitted for a new electrical backbone.

That is great news – if not long overdue.

For a community that boasts the most modern of almost everything, to have such a poor electric grid is almost disgraceful.

But, they say they are working on it and that is great. We only wonder why have they waited and why will it take four years?

Yes, they have done some things, like new exchanges and such. But the basic problem remains and needs immediate attention.

We urge the department to move up the timetable and get things going now.

While we doubt that is possible, still, we wish we had seen more of a sense of urgency from the department in its presentation. This is not an academic exercise; it is a critical part of our community.

We know that the utilities folks are doing all they can – and a $2 million project is not small change. But to have to wait until 2012 seems like a long time.

We hope the project is on the go now and that they can beat their deadline. All of us would benefit from such an outcome.