Our View: Don’t have to look far for great service

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By The Staff

First, Hill Restaurant was honored by the state’s restaurant association. That recognition is well deserved and appreciated by anyone who goes there to eat.

The service is always pleasant and prompt.

Now, the Hilltop House’s staff was recognized by the Best Western Corp. for having an employee who goes above and beyond.

Again, anyone who has stopped by has always been greeted warmly – both in the hotel and the restaurant.

These are just two examples of the outstanding businesses we have here.

Stop by CB Fox and you will always be greeted with a smile and a helpful person.

The same goes for so many businesses here.

Ruby K’s helps set the standard. Central Avenue Grill maintains the highest levels. Otowi Station is filled with friendly, helpful people.

Have you ever gone to the Coffee Booth, the Finishing Touch, Brownell’s or Cook’n in Style and not been treated well?

Have you ever left Coffee Booth, De Colores, Blue Window or Daylight Donuts feeling unsatisfied?

Did anyone at Pet Pangaea or Village Arts ever treat you poorly?

The answer to all is no: we have great stores that offer great service.

Yes, we can all wonder about the hours and wish some of these stores might be open longer. But we also must realize the shortage of personnel here and that quality will always rule over quantity.

There are huge debates going on right now about shopping Los Alamos and what we need and what we need to do.

But we urge you to take a second and third look at our local businesses – the ones here right now that support our local teams, schools and youth.

We think – we know – you will be very pleasantly surprised at just what you can obtain on the Hill.

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