Our View: 28 percent: Something to brag about?

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By The Staff

Officials are boasting of a high primary election turnout. Statewide that translates to a whopping 28 percent.

Yes, 28 percent of registered voters actually going and casting a vote is something to brag about.

And this is of registered voters – many citizens don’t even bother to register.

A total of 543,615 Democrats and 354,272 Republicans were registered to vote in Tuesday’s primary election. Of that, about 138,000 Democrats voted, while some 111,000 Republicans went to the polls.

Locally, there were 4,609 Democrats and 5,164 Republicans registered to vote in Los Alamos.

Of those, 1,636 Democrats voted and 2,217 Republicans cast ballots.

That’s 36 percent and 43 percent locally.

Statewide, the turnout is up from the 22 percent of Democrats and Republicans voted in the 2006 primary election.

It is a real tragedy when about a quarter of the people make such important decisions for all of us. These are such important times and it is such a disgrace that so few seem to care.

We give honor to those who ran, not just who won. Standing up for public office is not an easy thing to do today. The mud that flies and the dirt that swirls are parts of the process that make anyone thinking of entering the fray pause.

They all deserve praise.

We hope the general election will focus on the issues that people will vote on – what a person stands for not who he or she is or what he or she might have done 20 years ago.

New Mexico – especially northern New Mexico – are going to be facing some real challenges in the future and we need mature, dedicated, caring leaders to take charge and work to move us forward.

We are in real danger here and with raw, inexperienced representation, we could be in mortal danger.