Opposing stage at Ashley Pond

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On Oct. 30, I presented 188 signed petitions to the County Council that read, “I am opposed to the proposed location of a permanent stage on the southeast corner of Ashley Pond.  I hereby request that the Los Alamos County Council remove the stage from the scope of the Ashley Pond Park Improvements Project, reduce the project’s budget accordingly, and allow the remaining improvements to proceed without delay.”
The main objections to the planned “location” of the stage on the southeast corner of the pond are that 1) it will be adjacent to the busiest and most dangerous street in town, Trinity Drive, 2) it will place the concert crowds in a more confined area with no evening shade, and 3) that its placement “on the water” will be a permanent eyesore on this otherwise beautiful pond.
Of the people I talked to over the five days I circulated my petition, everyone I spoke to agreed that cleaning out the pond is long overdue!  I understand that the plans to renovate the pond have been in the works for over two years but, for whatever reason, the vast majority of people I spoke to still did not know about the stage.   And, more importantly, they don’t want it there!
The county may decide to proceed with their plan to build the stage on the pond.  If they do, it will be with the knowledge that many are opposed to it.  Remember, a “permanent” stage means it will be there forever!
Theresa Romero
Los Alamos