Opinion way off base

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In response to Ed Grothus’ declaration that Socialism and Communism promote the common good, brotherhood and comradeship.

Please remind me again; the Berlin Wall was built to prevent people from escaping in which direction? It seems that those who wanted to escape did not fully experience brotherhood and comradeship. How could the almighty State have failed them? Also remind me again; under which governmental system were millions of Ukranians murdered or starved?


I believe that is the same governmental system under which the Gulag Archipelago forced labor prison system flourished. I guess the prisoners experienced brotherhood and comradeship. Remind me again; under which governmental system is the melamine-tainted milk that has killed many infants produced? I believe that it is the same governmental system in which the citizens experience horrid air and water pollution and the same system under which hundreds to thousands of miners die annually in mine accidents.


Maybe killing your citizens is for the common good? The country under that governmental system is on the fast track to surpass the United States in carbon dioxide emissions as they build more coal-fired power plants. Now the whole world gets to experience the common good.


It seems that Ed’s idealistic platitudes have absolutely no grounding in reality.


Los Alamos