Opinion: Sloppy with no chance of a food fight at LAHS

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Dana Crooks

Teen Pulse Staff Writer


FOOD FIGHT! … or not? What happened to the creamy cafeteria food, starchy lunch ladies and messy food fights? Isn’t that what a lunchtime experience at high school is all about? As a high school student, I can tell you that we are seriously being deprived.

Due to the giant hole and construction zone in the middle of our school, we have no place to eat lunch. Hallways to run around in are scarce, rodent problems have prohibited food in classrooms and what used to be the cafeteria has been invaded by desks and books. One might assume that school administrators think learning is more important than lunch.

We don’t even have bullies to steal our lunch money — something that builds character and prepares us for the real world. Furthermore, it doesn’t help that the surrounding area provides few places to buy lunch. Freshmen and sophomores who don’t yet have a sweet ride can’t escape far from the campus. Nearby options include a gas station, the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos cafeteria, Nanak subs and once or twice a week, a couple of generous churches provide free food for high school students.

So, how is a forever-growing basketball player going to keep up with his fast metabolism?  Or where is a twirling dancer going to get fresh fruits and vegetables to speed up that spin? This isn’t a dress rehearsal. We only get to attend high school once. How do you expect the next generation to be intelligent and creative if we don’t have good food in our stomachs? 

Everybody knows lunch is an essential part of teenage life and the eating habits we develop today will stick with us forever. In just a couple of years, most of us are headed off to live in college dorms and deal with college cafeterias. Our food fight strategies are seriously lacking, especially since we have no place to have a food fight. By