Opinion: Gearing up for Black Friday

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By The Staff

Black Friday, a day when most stores have special offers for attractive items, has been around for quite some time. Customers are always excited to have new things at cheap prices, but on Black Friday, it’s a different story.
People camp out on the sidewalk next to the store just to be there earlier and pay for wanted items. The store is so filled up it looks like many ants coming out of an ant pile. There are many stores that have sales for this event including Walmart, Smith’s, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and many more with interesting sales. During the past decade, people have suffered from severe injuries or death. People have been trampled over, pepper sprayed and shot. This event wasn’t always called Black Friday.
Before, it didn’t have a name. Black Friday has always been on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This date is considered the first day of Christmas shopping. Black Friday got its name from retailers.
Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. This is when retailer’s profits move from red to black. Obviously, Black Friday is a very popular day for citizens and is also loved. Even though there may be some bumps and bruises, people still get some items.