Open letter to Hanna Skandera

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Two years ago, you achieved five of your 10 goals for changing education in New Mexico.
Last year, you achieved only three. Due to this decline in your effectiveness and achievements, your evaluation has been downgraded from A to C.
If this decline continues over the next year, that is, if you do not achieve at least four of your remaining two goals, you may expect to be dismissed from your position at that time. 
We hope that this example illustrates to you that, while previous measures of teacher performance in New Mexico may not have been sufficient and may no longer be acceptable, that does not ineluctably lead to the conclusions that the changes you propose for evaluations are the correct ones, or even sensible.
In particular, the measures you propose do not allow for previous success at improving student achievement.
Until you are able to devise more sensible measures, it does not make sense to implement the half-thought-out ones that you have proposed.
We remain confident that you can do better if you think more and try harder. 
Terry Goldman
Los Alamos