An open letter to County Council

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After reading the list of capital improvement projects being reviewed, I wonder why any of the projects are even on the list. I have read with concern about the County's revenue short fall and the continued loss of GRT in the future.  As far as I am concerned, the projects could all be delayed indefinitely with no harm to the community.

The list represents the wishes of favored interest groups in Los Alamos.  I would have thought that the Council had learned the lessons of the Community center project several years ago.  That project started with a desire for a new building suitable for meetings and other such community events.  By the time the project was brought to the community for approval of a bond issue, it had mushroomed into a $25 million "something for everyone" city center.  It was soundly voted down by the citizens, even though the original idea had been started by a petition drive.  Every project does not need to be an example of "only the best will do".

In the 40 years that I have lived in Los Alamos, I have seen the expansion of each CIP into higher costs and more extravagant results.

The list is long.  Why does every group need the finest facility that our tax money can buy?  Contrary to local opinion, it is possible to fulfill the requirements of a project without going overboard. The skating rink started out as a simple need for a decent shelter facility, Improvements have been added over a period of several years. It fulfills the requirements of its users.

We are no longer getting income from the Federal government and the amount of GRT is shrinking.  I am sure that no one wants their property taxes to rise. The time has arrived that Los Alamos needs to stop spending tax dollars for wants and examine our needs carefully.



Bettylou Lebeda

Los Alamos