Open letter to Congress

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By The Staff

As a disabled military retiree and your constituent, I am concerned. For some time now, you have not paid enough attention to the “people’s business” and I for one am tired of it. We have sitting members of the House and Senate who are drawing full pay and allowances, while traveling across the country campaigning to keep their power in the November election. Who is paying attention to the needs of the people who elected them?

Funds set-aside for the earned entitlement programs for our military retirees are being gutted and shifted from current disabled veterans to the War on Terror. It can only get worse when 77 million baby boomers reach age 65 in the next 20 years and all the bureaucratic government policies and programs the Congress has created run out of funds. The priorities for funding then will be: (1) Congressional unique health care and retirement programs, (2) then will come all the government bureaucrats retirement and health-care entitlements, (3) the “pork barrel” earmark programs, (4) funding all the current bureaucracies, policies, agencies and programs, and finally (5) national defense, so by the time it comes to veterans, military retirees and our widows, there will be not much left.The Congress tried to get pay restoration right in 2001, but got bogged down with bureaucrats more concerned about starting new programs than about disabled military retirees receiving their fully earned retirement, especially retirees from “ancient wars” like the Persian Gulf, Vietnam, Korea and World War II.I invite you to take the next 60 seconds to view the USDR (see footnote)public service message on this issue (www.youtube.com/user/USDRONLINE).Please support HR 333 and S Amdt 4162 to S Con Res 70.John TuckerColonel, USAF Retired