Open borders? The final solution?

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By Jeffry Gardner

It’s a rather hideous phrase — The Final Solution.

It triggers memories — though fading — of Adolf Hitler’s evil plan to eradicate not only Jews from his Reich, but others he deemed less than worthy to live. Gypsies, certain Slavs. Others.

But more than anything else, the Final Solution tends to stir thoughts of death. And not just death, but premeditated, vile death.   

Perhaps, as the fight intensifies around whether or not our sovereign nation has the right to regulate its borders, the term is applicable. Because if a nation — any nation — isn’t able to secure its borders or is forced by internal elements to abandon even the most minimal efforts to secure its borders, surely then that nation is on a course to its demise.

From calls to establish voter IDs to the simple desire of a state to secure its citizens — in this case, Arizona — the open-borders advocates are determined to strip away our basic understanding of citizenship.

What is under attack here isn’t the notion that law officers should follow the laws of the land and take into custody those who are here illegally — as opposed to legally, you see. What is under threat is the most basic principles of law and order, your constitutional rights, as well as your privileges as a citizen.

The idea of protecting a sovereign’s citizens dates back thousands of years. It is a fundamental requirement of our government as set forth by our constitution. In fact, the defense of the nation is one of the very few clearly defined missions of our government. Government-run health care? Not so much.

That there is and has been trouble for Americans living along the border with Mexico is undeniable. And those troubles have increased exponentially over the past 20 years.

Everything from violent crimes and drug operations by illegals to unmanageable welfare services costs is on the rise.  Law enforcement agencies from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico simply cannot keep pace. Border-state hospitals are overwhelmed with illegal immigrant patients and bleeding red ink with the accompanying costs.

We are a compassionate people born of a compassionate country. But we are not duty-bound to throw our borders wide open any more than is India or China or Germany or any other sovereign nation.

Yet our immigration policies — our legal immigration policies — are among the most indulgent in the world. Why is that not enough?

Mexico, on the other hand, treats illegal immigrants with a brutality that groups like Amnesty International should abhor.  

Did you know that the Mexican government, the same government that is decrying Arizona’s attempt to manage its affairs in the best possible fashion for the people who work, pay taxes and legally reside in that state, has some of the most draconian illegal immigration laws in the world?

While Mexican President Felipe Calderón cried “racial discrimination” — a battle cry so abused in today’s public square it’s slowly losing any meaning — his own nation classifies illegal immigration as a felony.

A first offense can draw up to two years in prison. A Mexican prison. Sweet, eh? Repeat the crime and the penalty is 10 years. And Mexicans who assist illegals are prosecuted as well.

Were the situation reversed, under Mexican law, Gov. Bill Richardson would be jailed, I suspect, for doing all he can to promote illegal immigration into our state.

We are a nation of immigrants. Primarily legal immigrants. And we have always, always had periods where we’ve had sense enough to stop the flow, gain our footing and then prepare for the next wave of new Americans.

Anything short of that today is most likely sovereign suicide.

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