Op-ed comments not scientifically valid

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Marita Noon’s op-ed in the June 6 Los Alamos Monitor is just one more example of someone hiding their own agenda by labeling themselves as an organization dedicated to educating the public.
Ms. Noon claims that the EPA hides their use of “bad science” so that they can continue to list species as endangered with the result that farmers, ranchers, and anyone with an interest in extracting anything from the Earth, is prevented from accessing the water and land needed for their enterprise.
The problem is that her evidence consists only of opinions offered by people representing organizations with no serious scientific credentials, and whose agendas are clearly anti-government in general.
A Google search on the organizations mentioned in her op-ed, including the American Stewards of Liberty, the Institute for Trade Standards and Sustainable Development (ITSSD), Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) and Energy Makes America Great, Inc., quickly reveals that these organizations are intertwined and have an agenda focused on smoothing the pathway for companies to pay little or no attention to the environmental damage left behind as a result of their activities, including contaminated water aquifers and soil.
For example, sourcewatch.org has the following to say about CARE: The Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy is a fossil fuel advocacy organization. The group opposes environmental activism and the pursuit of “green,” or sustainable energy development, saying the pursuit of solar and wind power “will end the America we know and love.”
There are legitimate scientific and economic issues surrounding the labeling of species as endangered, but Ms. Noon’s op-ed only offers opinions, not science, and she can clearly be seen as someone who thinks that no obstacle should be put in the way of getting energy out of the ground, especially in the form of oil and gas.
The Los Alamos Monitor is certainly entitled to present such opinions, but they should do a better job of informing their readers about the background and agenda of the writer.
Ed Birnbaum
Los Alamos