One last hurrah

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By Kirsten Laskey

Janet Bosarge is preparing to move out of the area, but not before throwing one last art party. Bosarge’s fine arts party will be held from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday at her home, located at 2326 Canyon Glen.

The art show will feature Los Alamos artists Mary Carol Williams and Ellen Randall. Sculpturor and photographer John Fleming, photographer Harry Clifford, oil painter Stede Barber, watercolor painter Barb Ruble and artist Christina Boyce of Des Moines, will also show their work at the party.

Hosting a final fine arts party in Los Alamos came up in conversation with Williams, Bosarge said. She explained Williams commented she really liked the space where Bosarge hosts the parties. Bosarge agreed to do one more art show because “I thought it would be fun to do one more.”

Bosarge said she has hosted seven art shows in Los Alamos. She said she enjoys hosting them because they feature “interesting people. It’s casual ee (and there’s) good conversation. People just tend to hang around and have a good time.”

Plus, the art shows are not intimidating, “it’s just a good time,” Bosarge said.

She added she chose to highlight Randall and Williams because they are both “really interesting people.”

Randall said she accepted the offer because “ I think anybody who makes anything ee wants to be out there a little bit.”

Plus, “Janet throws nice parties.”

Randall said she is interested in found objects and fond of things with holes in them. She attempts to mimic that in her art.

To accomplish that, Randall produces her own paints. She mixes plaster and a clear acrylic medium and adds artist pigments for color.

She said this method has been perfected through trial and error.

During the fine arts party, Randall said she is more interested in people’s comments than in making sales. “I haven’t focused on selling my work and making money,” she said. “I’m more interested in getting affirmation ee you just want people to see it. So I’m hoping to find people who appreciate my paintings.”

In her artist’s statement, Williams said she is challenged to capture nature’s beauty, whether it’s a delicate flower or a colorful mesa.

She works to capture nature in photography and painting.

Williams added in her artist’s statement, “trying to portray the heart of the people and the heart of the land is humbling, yet stimulating, for me.”

She explained photography, “captures an exact image; sometimes it serves as an art media in itself. Interpreting that image can be as confining or as spontaneous as I am willing to be.”

She further reports in her statement, “Watercolor defies my attempts to control it and teaches me both patience and persistence. The science of the art fascinates me in the characteristics of the pigment, the interactions of the colors or the translations of a 3-D effect to the flat paper. I am captivated by the transparency of watercolor and its tendency to produce delightful surprises.”

Her work has appeared numerous times in exhibits at the Art Center at Fuller Lodge, but she has also displayed her work in Albuquerque, Espaola and Santa Fe as well as outside New Mexico.