Old muni building garnered little more than a yawn

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I’m bemused by the thought that the old municipal building was so iconic that people are pining for a remake of it. Really? There have been some iconic buildings in Los Alamos that honor decades of style - Fuller Lodge, homes on Bathtub Row, the long-gone Sundts, Denver Steels, the A-frame church on Arkansas, the IMC at Los Alamos High School, the guard tower at what used to be the main gate, the LANB building, and more recently, the many new or remodeled homes that rose from the Cerro Grande fire ashes.
The community building in its many decades and forms of service seems more memorable as well as more inviting with the deck that allowed a grand view of the pond area.
I don’t think I ever gazed upon the visage of the old municipal building with  anything more than a passing “Meh, whatever. It looks like a cement block.”
There are many more ideals or elements worth clinging to or rebuilding, such as our community spirit, our economic stability, our reputation for having a safe, welcoming town with an excellent educational system.

Brenda Kelley
Los Alamos