Oil becomes source of evil in "There will be Blood"

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By Quninn McCulloch

My Score: 4/5 kernels

“There Will be Blood” is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (director of “Boogie Nights” and “Magnolia”) and stars the amazing Daniel Day-Lewis. Day-Lewis plays Daniel Plainview, an incredibly conflicted, money- driven opportunist who is scouring the western landscape for oil. In his pursuit of fortune he is given a prospective drilling location by Paul Sunday, played Paul Dano. Plainview visits the new location and negotiates a deal for the oil rich land with Paul Sunday’s preacher brother, Eli (also played by Paul Dano). Upon completion of this deal, Plainview builds a thriving town around his drilling operations, complete with schools, housing and a local church headed by none other than Eli Sunday. Make no mistake, however. This town isn’t created out of love or compassion for its families. It is concocted with no other intention than to fulfill Plainview’s insatiable desire for money, land and oil. As Plainview seeks out more business prospects, deals with turmoil concerning his adopted son, and finds himself at odds with Eli, he moves further into a world devoid of trust or love, and struggles to keep what little faith he has in people alive. Day-Lewis is, as always, outstanding in his role and loses himself completely in the dark and complicated character. There are sometimes threads of hope for Day-Lewis’ character, but he clearly portrays a person who is at heart thoroughly disturbed and evil. The script is extremely well written and laden with lots of memorable imagery and long, lingering scenes with little or no dialogue. The cinematography and direction were also superb, and the music score is more than effective in creating an unsettling mood.This is one of those movies that is so unnerving that it’s a little difficult to classify it as good or bad. I went and saw this with a good friend of mine, and we both agreed that the film had a profound effect on us. There doesn’t seem to be any clear theme behind this movie, instead it is a portrait of a man who trusted no one, and lived his life as if it were one cold, ruthless business deal. To this end, the movie was truly a work of art, and one that exhibited genuine continuity on all different levels. One can almost certainly expect that this film will be up for numerous Academy Awards.