Officials share Christmas plans, New Year's wishes

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By Carol A. Clark

Most community leaders are staying in town for Christmas this year and they all send best wishes to the residents of Los Alamos and White Rock this holiday season and throughout 2009.


Rep. Jeannette Wallace, R-Los Alamos, Sandoval and Santa Fe, is planning on some much needed down time. “My plan is to find a few relaxing days at home because it’s been a very, very busy interim at the legislature and I’ve had no time off at all,” she said.


For the new year, Wallace expressed hope for a mending of relations across the community. “We have a lot of divisiveness and there are a lot of reasons for that and my wish for the new year is that we find a way to come together as a community.”


County Administrator Max Baker also plans to spend Christmas at home. “Two of our children live here and the other is coming to town and we’ll gather to enjoy a traditional family Christmas together,” he said. “For the coming year, my wish is that we can continue to work together to make this a great community.”


Police Chief Wayne Torpy spent an early Christmas in Costa Rica vacationing with his son.


“After that action packed trip with my son, I plan to enjoy a relaxing holiday at home,” Torpy said. “This is a wonderful holiday season to be home with all this fresh new snow. For the new year, I wish the community a safe and happy 2009 and hope they can enjoy the things they value and enjoy the people close to them in a peaceful and comfortable way.”


County Council Chair Jim Hall is staying home this year and entertaining family and friends.


“We’re having our children home and their relatives and friends and will be having 15 people for dinner and that’s wonderful,” Hall said. “We love the snow – it really makes it feel like Christmas.”


Hall spoke about his holiday plans Tuesday evening after he and wife Janet spent the day out doing cross country on the ski hill while his daughter and her friends skied.


“This coming year I really hope Los Alamos experiences more stability, that there is more stability at the laboratory and that we continue to have the involved and interested citizenry that we have. Also, I’m confident our new council is going to be good and will do the right thing for the community.”


UNM-Los Alamos Executive Director Cedric Page is sharing his Christmas holiday with family in Washington.


“My plans are to be with family and friends and to be thankful for everything we have in 2008,” Page said. “For the New Year, I look forward to more prosperous times and the hope that our economy and our country get back on track.”


School Board President Steve Girrens is delighted to have both of his children home from college for Christmas.


“We’ll all be home for the holidays – enjoying being snowed in,” Girrens said. “I’m looking forward to getting in some good visits with family and friends along with a week of skiing. I want to wish everyone in the community a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”


Fire Chief Douglas MacDonald is on call through Jan. 1 this year.


“We’re having our family and friends over for Christmas and New Years,” he said. “Certainly now more than ever we really need to embrace our successes. I truly believe 2009 is going to be a difficult year with many challenges and also an exciting year and I believe Los Alamos and New Mexico will share in both. My hope is for all of us to embrace the quote by Thomas Jefferson displayed in council chambers – ‘Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle’ - and to advance from that perspective as a community.”