Officials may mull tax hike

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By Arin McKenna

The possibility of raising taxes is also likely to be a controversial issue. The agenda documentation for Tuesday's council session includes a comparison of the Los Alamos County’s taxes with the rest of the state.

The comparison shows that the county’s rates are considerably below average. The summary includes:

• Los Alamos ranks 23rd lowest GRT rate of the 33 counties. (7.3125 percent — this is .2519 percent or more than a ¼ cent less than the average of 7.5644 percent)

• Los Alamos has the lowest (ranked 33rd) imposed Property Tax rate of all 33 counties. (10.598 mils; next lowest is 2.477 mils higher at 13.075 mils; Los Alamos is 5.515 or 34 percent below the average of 16.1133 mils)
• Los Alamos ranks 32nd and 33rd lowest for residential and non-residential, respectively, levied mil rates.

• If adjusted by adding two mils of property tax, Los Alamos would still have the lowest imposed Property Tax rate.

• If adjusted by adding a new 1/16th cent GRT increment, Los Alamos would rank 22nd lowest GRT rate.

Find more on this and other agenda documentation at losalamosnm.us.


where does it say Los Alamos has to have average tax rates of all NM cities.

Those That Do Not Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It.


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