Officer makes girl’s day with gift

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Birthday girl Sharon Jim, of Los Alamos, was surprised by Los Alamos Police Officer Tim Lonz Wednesday with a bouquet of flowers at Smith’s Marketplace.

Jim was shopping with her mother when she was standing at the deli counter and bumped into Lonz.

“My daughter, Sharon Jim, is a special person to me and many other people,” her mother said. “For one thing she is an adult developmentally disabled person whom happens to be deaf and is Downs Syndrome.”

While standing at the deli counter, Jim turned around and noticed a police officer that she had seen several times before and shook his hand and gave him a hug, her mother said. She then proceeded to talk to him using sign language. Her mother interpreted to the officer that she was excited because her birthday was tomorrow and they were going to celebrate. 

The officer told her “Happy Birthday” and they continued to shop.

Later, they were checking out and the officer came over bent down on one knee and presented Jim with a flower arrangement and wished her a very Happy Birthday.

“Sharon was so overwhelmed she hugged him for a few minutes then allowed me to get a picture of them together,” her mother said. “I have since then found out that the officer’s name is Tim Lonz and would like to thank him so much for making my daughter’s life a little more special. She is telling everyone about the cop who gave her flowers for her birthday.”