Offering hope to fellow classmates

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

One goal, two young ladies and five days worth of activities, to build relationships demonstrate a safety net and empower young people to make support a four-letter word, love.
Faith Glasco and Elizabeth Hjelvik started planning last April and next week, their baby will spread its wings, at Los Alamos High School and Middle School.
“I knew Isaac (Hayden) and Liz knew Dominic (Lucido), and we both agreed that something had to be done at the high school that would make a difference,” Glasco said. “Everything after that just went from there.”
This has been a joyous and passionate journey for the girls even though it added stress to their already busy lives.
The feedback they are receiving from staff and students is positive according to Glasco. “Lots of people have told us that this week is a great idea and that they are proud of us.”
The duo credits a variety of helpers with their success including; Key Club, Natural Helpers, Student Council, NHS, Anti-bullying club, GSA, the art classes, local businesses and several friends that kept their stress levels in check.
One day that is sure to reduce the stress of all Hilltoppers is, “Compliments and Carnations Day,” on Wednesday. Their goal is for everyone to receive a flower and a compliment, both which add to happiness.
The Asset building assistance will also be featured in a wall designed to highlight what makes each student, “Awesome.”
The week has daily activities with the highlight for Glasco culminating on Friday, featuring speaker Ross Szabo.
“Suicide prevention is everyone’s business,” she said. “Everyone should care about making a difference and saving a life. A lot of people though don’t know what to do about it, which is really why we want to have other students help with the things we are doing.”
The team spent many weeks and long hours researching speakers that would be good, but one needed to appeal to a high school population, a middle school population and the community.
Ross Szabo will speak four times on Friday, with two high school presentations, one at LAMS and one for the community.
The selection of Szabo, with approval from LAHS Principal, Sandy Warnock was because they hope to encourage conversation among students, their parents and about the subject, in general.
The LAHS seniors both plan futures in the medical field and are on the path to bright futures with the help and support of dedicated LAHS staff members.
“They genuinely care about the students and just want us to succeed,” Glasco said. “The staff also do a lot of things that I don’t think they get enough appreciation for, but they are appreciated by the students.”
They hope to touch the 1,600 students and staff members, throughout the week.
“If even one person’s life is changed, then the week will have been a success,” Glasco said.
Check out the LAHS website to learn more throughout the week.