Obama must win election

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I’ve been reading lately that the polls show McCain is leading Obama now that the conventions are over. I have confidence this will change as the election grinds to November. I believe this because the substance of the Republican platform is duplicity and deception that will become evident. For example. Republicans claim to be the party that supports the troops, with their ex-POW, flag lapel wearing candidates, but the reality is that in policy and action the opposite is true.

Troops are held over far beyond their enlistments in what amounts to a de-facto draft to maintain manpower levels as enlistments decline. Veterans are treated like waste in poorly funded and managed facilities where the suicide rate is horrifically high and benefits denied. The truth is we are sending our troops not to defend our freedom, but to enforce a policy of economic and political manipulation and domination for the benefit of global corporate interests.

The Republicans also claim to hold higher moral ground, but in major issues debated at great length, abortion and gay marriage rights, they are attempting to take away rights of individuals. Americans are the most diverse culture ever known to this world. How can one narrow viewpoint of morality be allowed to make theose kind of decisions?

Morality goes far beyond those two issues, what about the welfare of people in general? Why is there not universal health care for all our citizens? Wouldn’t the benefits of a healthy population be worth the cost of providing access to care as is done in other countries? Major health problems that would not stay confined to the poor. Universal Healthcare is the only logical solution to avoidance of a major pandemic. HR 676, supported by most labor organizations would provide this, but the Republican power brokers are against it.

Why? Because it would undermine the enormous profit and power of the corporate structure of the health care and insurance industries. These corporations need to more closely monitored and controlled by government, but it is they who seem to be controlling us through “lobbying” our representatives to act against our best interests.

Energy and environment can not be treated as two unconnected issues. We can not have a government that is bought and controlled by energy corporations and expect them to deal honestly and effectively with the many serious, damaging effects our current energy policy has on the environment. There must be a balance between energy policy and environmental policy. Old paradigms and power structures must be reformed and redirected to support sustainable and healthy alternatives. Real change requires a strong resistance to the power and profit of corporate domination of our government. Electing Barak Obama is the first step Americans must take in a long struggle to find the right balance necessary to correct the direction we have been going.  He may not be able to fix it all, in one term or two, but he has promised to make difficult choices to bring about change that will begin to bring us into balance.

Vice president of UPTE Local 1663 at LANL