Nursing students awarded Stoddard Scholarship

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Two 2014 Los Alamos High School graduates, Haley Butler-Moore and Allyssa Tedder, were recently awarded the Stoddard Scholarship for nursing and education. 

Deciding on a nursing major did not come easily to Butler-Moore, she said she has always longed to make a difference and solidifying her decision was a trip to Costa Rica last summer where she met two nurses: one who worked in the emergency room and another who was a retired surgical nurse.  

With the Costa Rican mountains in view, she conversed with these two professionals about the field of nursing. These discussions cemented Butler-Moore’s desire to study nursing. 

She is the daughter of Stacy Kyle and Nylea Butler-Moore; she will attend the University of New Mexico. 

Tedder has always wanted to do something in her future career that is challenging, interesting and makes a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.

Nursing is the perfect career choice that offers will offer her all three of these qualities. Her strong academic background and desire to contribute something positive to the world make her well suited to this demanding and rewarding career path. Tedder said, “Where else can one get such job satisfaction and know that every day they will influence people’s lives for the better, their health for the better, and even prolong their lives based on what you do and say.” 

She is the daughter of Jeff and BJ Tedder; she will also attend the University of New Mexico.  

The Stoddard Scholarship for nursing and education, were the result of the late Steve Stoddard’s work on the Board of the Caldera National Preserve, where he helped decide the future of Northern New Mexico. 

Stoddard was paid a stipend for his work and the money accumulated during his years of service. 

Stoddard along with his wife, Barbara, recognized the need for more quality teachers and nurses and thus formed this scholarship which is awarded to an outstanding graduate of LAHS planning to major in nursing or education at an accredited New Mexico college or university.