A note from our publisher: Did you notice?

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By Ralph Damiani

If you are a keen newspaper observer you may have noticed something a bit different about today’s Monitor: it is a little smaller.It is very appropriate that during the time of the Earth Day celebration, we have made a move to help save a small part of the environment.The Monitor – as of today – is being printed on 24-inch paper, a reduction of one inch in the width from our previous paper.This slight reduction will have a no impact on news, photos or other content, and a very minimal impact on advertising, as the difference will be a half-an-inch per page in width.But the savings will be very substantial.In making this move, the Monitor will save more than 1,000 pounds of paper each month – which will directly translate into saving in wood and trees.Also, lighter loads will mean less strain on the trucks and therefore a savings in fuel costs.You will really not notice a difference in your paper but there will be a substantial difference in our environment.And this is something we should all be working toward. And – as always – the Monitor will continue to recycle. We urge everyone to be earth- and energy- conscience.

– From Publisher Ralph Damiani and Advertising Director Joy Freymiller