Not willing to let Trinity endanger kids

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As a biker, I am more than willing to avoid Trinity Drive during rush hours. As a taxpayer, I am appalled at the money we are throwing at this proposed redesign. As a parent, I would NOT allow my precious young children to cross this road at any time.
There is nothing they need on that side of the road. Older children have the crosswalks. The hidden agenda of this redesign appears to be to make Trinity Drive so slow that morning and evening traffic will use the truck route or Pajarito Road.
Human nature makes those alternatives unlikely. Some better alternatives are keep existing lights and crosswalks, and building three overpasses when we have some idea of where they will be best utilized; encourage senior citizens to take the bus to the presently non-existent shopping centers, and; encourage bikers to avoid Trinity Drive during traffic peaks.
And please, stop throwing good money after bad. We don’t need any more studies. Trinity Drive is one of three main arteries into Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Regardless of what happens to Trinity, that is not going to change. Worse, commuters determined to minimize their commute will route themselves away from Trinity Drive up Canyon Road and Myrtle Street residential areas or through the jigsaw puzzle nightmare that we currently call Central Avenue, which would be a recipe for disaster either way.

Valerie Wood
Los Alamos