Not a major fan of the GOP

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 Yup, we is gots to be proud of the Republican Party!  Whether from the Talk Radio, Tea Party, or Chamber of Commerce branch of The Party - they’re standing tall: protecting from taxation the hard-earned profits of the Red White and Blue corporations and the meager bonuses of the brave entrepreneur investment bankers, while keeping money out of the hands of the socialist unionist workers and low-life welfare moms who don’t understand it anyway and would only spend it on food and clothing for their kids.  
I mean, like, wow! – the last Republican president started two wars against those false-profit Muslims - on credit!  And then, he funneled hundreds of billions in borrowed money to corporate patriots and simultaneously reduced taxes on patriot bankers and hedge fund operators.  This is measurable progress toward destroying big government and replacing it with The bigger corporacracy!  
Now to top it off, The Party is helping us to reduce the deficit – by taking it away from the social parasites: the cops, teachers, and street sweepers - so we can use the resources we foolishly committed to those bloated retirement and health plans to bail out the patriots who calculated how to suck the money out of all the real estate those workers were hoarding.  They would just leave it to their kids anyway, and we don’t want those kids to be too comfortable or they won’t be incentivized to join the military and fight the wars.  
And at last, years after Saint Ronnie exposed the welfare queen, they’re finally cutting off all them job-killing kids and their job-killing moms using up valuable capital on doctors and medicine in them job-killing Medicaid and CHIP programs. Done us proud, them Chamber of Commerce Republicans! - trillions for wars to make sure our heroic corporations have access to cheap overseas labor and not one penny for them blood-sucking veterans expecting treatment for PTSD and prosthetics at taxpayer expense driving up the deficit!.  Brilliant, them Tea Party Republicans!  According to the Constitution, that’s what America is all about – taxes for the masses, benefits for corporations.  God bless the Republican Party!

George Chandler
Los Alamos