Not the Apology We Were Expecting

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It is with sadness that I feel I must respond to Mr. Pawlick’s apology to all of the NRA members, gun owners and law abiding citizens of our United States. I really expected more from a man that is tasked with educating our children at the Los Alamos High School.
It would appear as though Mr. Paveluk’s knowledge of the NRA and what it stands for as well as what it has accomplished since November of 1871 is based on fiction.
He said that “the NRA knows more about education that the rest of us and it’s our patriotic duty to skip to the gun store and buy as many 50-round clips as we can carry.” First, there is no such thing as a “50-round clip.”
Second, and more importantly, I have to agree, based on his ramblings about nuclear weapons and military vehicles armed with machine guns, with his statement that the NRA knows more about education than he does.
When the United States Military has needed firearms training over the past century, they go to the NRA. When federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have a need for specialized training or additional firearms instructors, they go to the NRA for help.
Blaming gun violence on the NRA is like blaming the AAA for drunk drivers. I wonder how many people in the past 120 years have been murdered by an NRA member. Not many would be my guess.
Mr. Podunk is very concerned for the safety of his students. He wants them to learn in a safe and sane environment. I too am concerned for the safety of his students, a couple of which are mine. I fear that if the worst case scenario ever happens at our high school and someone with a gun enters his classroom, he might just use our children as shields while he uses his superior intellect to defeat the shooter that is probably an example of his/her past education experiences with Mr. Pawlock as their teacher.
“The only way to stop a wacko with a gun is a person with a brain”. Hmmm, does that means that all the teachers involved in the “Gun Free Zone” school shootings since Columbine didn’t have brains? I’m thinking that wasn’t the case. They or their students didn’t have any way to defend themselves is more likely, wouldn’t you agree Mr. Peelunk?
He speaks of the nearly 2,000 firearms related deaths that have occurred since the “Newtown mishap.” He doesn’t mention the over 3,000 killed by other means, (clubs, fists, feet, knives etc). I guess if you aren’t killed by a gun you don’t really matter to a liberal progressive. You’re just an acceptable statistic.
When will the likes of Mr. Pawlink realize that the 2nd Amendment to our constitution is not negotiable and that the NRA leads the world in firearms safety training? There is not a school in this country that would not benefit from firearms safety instruction provided by the NRA.

David Smith,
Pro Life and Pro-Gun
Los Alamos