Nominate a school hero

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By The Staff

Think about growing up and the many years you spent in school.

Was there one person in that school building that made a difference in your life? Were there many?

Well if they’re still alive, drop this paper and pick up the phone or a pen and let them know as soon as possible.

The Los Alamos Public Schools has hundreds of employees who pull off a variety of tasks people may never even know about, on a daily basis.

The local Assets In Action program will launch a weekly recognition of a teacher or staff member of the week in future editions of the Los Alamos Monitor and on AM 1490, KRSN.

This effort, done in conjunction with the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, will begin in 2009 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Los Alamos.

Sixty years ago, education for the youth of Los Alamos was a high priority in the small community.

Today, school teachers and their support staff do everything from teach the lesson and create the curriculum, while battling budgets, cleaning the floors and creating the websites to get the information out.

The weekly recognition will provide a venue to salute the unsung heroes like school custodians, the guy who records the information line on snow days, the school nurse, or the librarian who must replace the lost copy of a favorite book when funds have run out.

There is also the art teacher who could make a work of art out of everything from toilet paper tubes to old wrapping paper and the music teacher that takes 30 sweaking and swaking instruments, and after a few months and a lot of Tylenol, creates a symphony that makes even the hardest heart grin like a fool.

Finally, the rarely appreciated bus driver needs to be mentioned. They spend hours hauling teens to and from school, sporting events, field trips and more.

When the sports bus arrives at 6 a.m., the drivers have already been hard at work, getting prepared, warming it up on cold mornings and driving there to greet riders.

There are many people from administrative support and counselors to substitutes and Xerox people that make this little community successful.

Now is the opportunity to nominate them for the weekly spotlight they deserve.

The brief nomination form is available by request at AssetsInAction@att.net or by calling the United States Postal Service at 661-4846.

The copies of the form should also be available from the schools’ office staff or from Parent Teacher Organization presidents.

If people are interested in contributing to the recognition effort, mail donations to 77 Isleta Drive or call for more information.