No way around Diamond

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By The Staff

Christie Kelly’s letter reminds me of that old expression “you can’t make an omelet unless you break a few eggs.” Diamond Drive, like much of Los Alamos’ Cold War era infrastructure, is old, dilapidated, and badly in need of repair. As the only arterial serving much of our community, its upgrade will not be done without considerable impact to transportation and people’s lives, as there will never be a convenient time to do the work. Careful readers of the Monitor will also note that its not just the road being rebuilt, but much of our utilities infrastructure buried within that right of way.

To defer the Diamond project is to neglect the long-term good of the community to a little short-term inconvenience.

Is the inconvenience all that terrible? Oh, spare me the anguish. Having lived for a decade on Long Island, N.Y. and fourteen years in Honolulu, all I have to say is that Los Alamos traffic, even on a bad day, is a minor inconvenience compared to those and many other urban areas on a good day. If our pampered residents would take transit, carpool, vary their hours, or dare I say have their children walk or take the bus to school, we could reduce the coming bit of congestion considerably.

So let’s stop being so spoiled. Just deal with it constructively and get it done.  I live on North Mesa and commute to TA-3 every day.  If I can deal with it so can everyone else.

Khal Spencer

Los Alamos