No sense of humor

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Friday’s Los Alamos Monitor generally includes my favorite column. John Pawlak’s witty and delightfully sarcastic material is a joy to read.
It’s a pity that some readers cannot appreciate his brand of humor: his tongue-in-cheek observations on the world in which we live.
So, there’s no “50-round clips” available, but I’ll bet other sizes exist, and John certainly should have researched a more correct number.
And if the “NRA knows more about education than (John) does,” it ought to place a representative in every college – especially those that teach would-be-teachers how to teach.
To suggest that John might use his students as shields if some gun-wielding crazy enters his classroom is a pretty nasty idea. And misspelling his name six times (e.g., Pawlick, Paveluk, etc.) could be a legal maneuver to avoid a defamation of character lawsuit.
Seriously, the NRA has been a controversial subject for years and much more so since the catastrophes in recent months. Opinions cover the range from love-em to hate-em, with most non-gun-owners finding the organization’s leaders and spokesmen close to brain-dead.
I join John as being among the latter group.

Don Burns
White Rock