No respect for flag?

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How could you? No respect for the American flag? Thrown in the garbage like trash. Where is your love and compassion for your country, the United States of America?
And for that matter, the men and women of our military who fought for their country looking always to find the American flag after the dust settles.
To the caregivers of Los Alamos County, shame on you — a heartbreaking sight to see the American Flag torn – tattered — dirty — wet and thrown in a dirty dumpster.
It is inexcusable.
Nancy Kossar
Los Alamos 


Thank you so very much, Nancy, for saying something that really needed to be said. Recently, I also noticed that the flag flying at one of the financial institutions in town was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. Hopefully, that has been done. I also noticed that there was no flag at the judicial center. How can that be?

I hope everyone will remember that flags that are dirty, torn, or otherwise in bad shape, can be taken to the American Legion, where they will be disposed in a respectful manner.

Marla G.