No need to raise taxes

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I must differ with your editorial from Sunday, July 27. It is great to support the bus system; however, I do not believe that we need to pay more taxes for it.

The county is willing to spend at least $4 million extra on a new Municipal Building or Judicial Complex, at least $24 million on an unneeded bypass to the Jemez (I have had no problems with any of the three existing routes), at least $30 million more than necessary on new office space and storage on the cliff at the Airport Basin, and $2 million a year on nothing specific for White Rock economic development. $.5 million is a drop in the bucket for a new skateboard park inappropriately placed in front of the library.

The money is there – it just depends on how our government chooses to spend it. I will vote “no” on any tax increase, including GRT, until we are allowed to vote on capital projects in order that county spending represents responsibility to its citizens.

Ellen Walton

Los Alamos